The Uses of Genetic DNA Testing

Genetic Testing is a relatively modern development that has been brought by advancement in technology in scientific knowledge and has led to many uses of that includes testing for various genetic diseases. It also includes paternity testing as well as forensic investigations. In this article, genetic testing is going to be discussed in depth and how they work.

Paternity testing is the first use of genetic testing. Genetic testing is used to verify whether a person is the biological father of the child. This testing is conducted mostly where there is a dispute of who the biological father is. Home dna test does not only help to know who the father is but it contributes to solving cases when someone has been sued in a court of law. This contributes to knowing the person who will be catering for the child needs as the child grows. This process is done by collecting a sample of both parents (father and mother DNA as well as the child's DNA. Through various techniques, the DNA is compared at various points, and if they are the same, this will show that the person in a dispute is the biological father of the child. This method of DNA profiling is effective not unlike other old methods of genetic testing. Another advantage of it is that it is painless for it involves collecting of hair, nails or swab from the cheek.

DNA test uk is used to create a family tree as well as verify the family history. In a family, the Y chromosome which is involved in the formation of a male child does not change at all when it goes down the family line and generations to come. Those people who are of the same family and they share one common ancestor will have similar characteristics on this particular Y chromosome, and this will assist in establishing ancestral lines. Genetic testing also helps to know the type of ancestry you are in or a group or race you have in your DNA. There are those laboratories which provide the services of genetic testing, and they will assist you to determine your ancestry and also know your race history.

Prenatal genetic DNA testing can also be used to identify some diseases or even problems that your child might be having during birth. Through DNA testing, doctors will be able to know the type of illness the child may be having before or after they are born. Most of the diseases are through abnormality of DNA where one nucleotide codon might be substituted with an abnormal one or Deletion might have occurred. This will lead to the child being born to have an abnormality. Doctors will be able to warn the child's parent of their child's condition and take proper medication on time. For further details regarding the benefits of genetic testing, check out .